Legislation affecting customer service for the hospitality industry

For particular state or territory information, please contact the relevant jurisdiction. Having a written document process for checking cleanliness, food temperatures, maintenance schedules, safety and security checks are all highly relevant to comply with a whole raft of statutory obligations.

Increased emphasis on health and well-being Guests today are taking charge of their health; hotels are responding with well-equipped fitness centers, pools and spas.

Food poisoning represents one of the most serious threats to your business. Restaurateurs may choose to be active in organized initiatives such as "Kids Live Well" and the "Campaign to End Obesity" or take independent steps toward providing healthy menu choices that satisfy customer requests.

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Therefore if you are starting up a new hotel and in the process of choosing your fixtures and fittings for the bedrooms and other living areas you must ensure that you purchase fire retardant furniture that complies with the Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations For further information see Australian Consumer Law.

Guests worried about the national budget are likely to tighten their own, which means less dining out and less money spent when they do. Contact your industry association for more information on the Codes of Practice in your industry. Political Footballs The heated competition of national election seasons can create problems for restaurants by generating an overall atmosphere of negativity.

Consumer laws The Australian Consumer Law ACL provides regulations on unfair contract terms, consumer rights guarantees, product safety laws, unsolicited consumer agreements, lay-by agreements and penalties, and other areas.

Product liability regulation Australia has a national statutory framework to regulate product safety and information standards. Some restaurants view obstacles as opportunities. Hotels must be able to provide services in a multitude of languages, and tailored experiences properly suited to the culture and unique needs of their international visitors.

Fear-mongering or uncertainty about economic conditions hampers spending. There are specific requirements on the management of sensitive information, such as medical records.

Keeping Customers Safe Food safety laws play a major role in the hospitality industry, and knowledge about how to clean and store food can keep your customers safe and help your business avoid lawsuits and fines.

Influx of international visitors International leisure travel is on the rise—Dubai International Airport has become the busiest airport in the world. Typically this is caused by a kitchen fire but also occasionally occurs due to an electrical appliance overheating or a guest causing some type of accident.

Many local colleges provide formal training courses on food hygiene for those new hoteliers who have limited experience in this area. In addition to Australian Government legislation, state and territory laws govern consumer protection.

Codes of Practice Last Updated: For particular state or territory information, please contact the relevant jurisdiction or see business. For more information, see Fair trading laws. Look for facial recognition to unlock clickless access to just about everything. Write or call when an issue crucial to your business is being proposed or coming up for a vote; addresses are available on-line or in the phone book.

When processing the bill and any personal data is stored such as credit card information, the hotelier must obviously protect guests privacy.

Likewise to protect the safety and health and welfare of guests hoteliers are obliged to ensure that all gas equipment and gas appliances meet with the Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations For particular state or territory information, please contact the relevant jurisdiction.

You should ensure that you compare the impact on the law and the policies both from the point of view of the customer and of the organisation using appropriate examples. Assetsure provide a range of niche property insurances for owners of hotel businesses, blocks of flats, listed buildings, holiday homes and second homes, buy to let property and many more.

Most modern furniture is compliant and will have a ready tree label attached to it confirming this. The following layout is a suggestion of how your submission should look: They can be mandatory or voluntary: Australian Government legislation governs the process of assessment and approval of national environmental and cultural concerns.

They may involve processes that allow them to adopt ethical standards i. Speaking Up Your personal message to local, state and federal politicians carries more weight than form letters or bulk e-mail petitions. That ranked right behind dining 91 percent and fun attractions 90 percent.Taxing Situations.

If you don't think tax reform is a make-or-break ongoing political issue, consider the pain felt when the business meal tax deduction was reduced from percent to 25 percent. A typical hospitality law course covers the history of hospitality law, the impact of federal and state civil rights laws on the hospitality industry, and an extensive discussion of contract law, including discussions of remedies for overbooking and a guest's breach of the contract regarding a reservation.

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A working knowledge of laws governing the hospitality industry isn't just a nice bonus piece of knowledge. Employees, managers and other staff members have to know enough about the law to avoid.

LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE Contract law Protection from violence and bullying Training legislation and standards Customer Service Operations: Health and safety regulations Safety standards Risk and hazard management Training legislation and standards Industry Codes of Practice.

Codes of Practice set out industry standards of conduct. They are guidelines for fair dealing between you and your customers, and let your customers know what your business agrees to do when dealing with them.

Codes of Practice can relate to a single business, or represent a whole industry. You can. Regulations, Laws & Industry Practice. Hotel Laws Uk-There are many laws, regulations and codes to consider before becoming a teachereducationexchange.com is a minefield of bureaucracy to consider ranging from licensing rules to food hygiene and fire regulations.

Legislation affecting customer service for the hospitality industry
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