Vietnam medics

Other than his M3 bag you would not know otherwise his role within the platoon. It is an amendment to the Geneva Conventions relating to the Adoption of an Additional Distinctive Emblem and authorizes the use of a new emblem, known as the third protocol emblem or the Red Crystal.

Being a medic, knowing an artery had been severed, I knew I was bleeding to death. Unable to walk, the powerful fireplug of a man he was a former star guard on the Dallas Jesuit High School football team pulled himself along with his elbows treating the wounded as he went, remembering all along the mantra of corpsmen and medics alike: Army doctrine requires medics to carry one primary weapon and, if possible, a secondary weapon.

In most cases, the Germans respected the Red Cross armband. Dave Matison shot him, and he fell right into an ammo dump, which started exploding, showering us with shrapnel. Under his uniform he wears an olive drab t-shirt and neckerchief around his neck.

Remember to carry the belts like bandoleers and the bullets point out away from your neck, not inwards so they can jab you. Being a Rifleman also, he is carrying an ammunition bandoleer.

Training became a priority both in fighting and medical care. In Februarythe proposal to designate the badge as a one-time award was rescinded and it was approved for subsequent award during specified periods.

Mostly consisting of the M5 medical bag. He has the earlier waterproofed canvas M3 bag secured to the back of his lightweight rucksack frame. He usually has an Assistant Gunner somewhere very close by to help with the ammo and laying of the gun. This picture demonstrates the general look of a rifleman.

The medevacs will be here soon. This practice continued into World War II. If you can find a Packboard, then use this to attach your radio and other equipment.

On his left side is a M holster containing a MA1 pistol.

Combat medic

In addition to the ammo pouches, he carries two fully loaded seven pocket cotton M16 bandoleers with 20 round magazines inserted. This RTO is carrying a flare, two smoke grenades, an areal ID panel, map, radio accessories bag, machete and a pink flashlight. Given the weight of the M60 machine gun your gunners were often of larger build or muscular in nature.

The second is the later variation without these two features. I hit the claymore positioned in that area, and it blows. I went over to Hawley. Further note he has black on white name tapes, suggesting he has been in Vietnam in the early years of the war.

It is superimposed upon a stretcher alluding to medical field service. For the first time, the Medical Department had a permanent home for both its administrative and scientific specialty officers. In Vietnam there was — far more often than not — total faith in one another. Johnson and the M60 gunner set off to find them and render aid.

Around his waist and across his shoulder is a 7 pocket M16 bandoleer loaded with magazines. Note the machette sticking out the left hand side of the pack.

Combat medic

The scene could have come from the movies.Like all of the other names on the wall, these 2, medics / corpsmen made the supreme sacrifice for their country.

Some died while trying to help or save their fellow man. For their courage and supreme sacrifice, I dedicate this web page to them. Vietnam War June - A medic lights a cigarette for Spec 5 Gary Davies of Scranton, PA awaiting evacuation by helicopter from Ben Het, South Vietnam where he was wounded.

Find this Pin and more on VIETNAM MEDICS by Betty Bistrow. May 27,  · Medics treat badly wounded soldiers of US 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnamese jungle during Vietnam War.

Their brothers' keepers: Medics & corpsmen in Vietnam

US 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam during Operation Long Reach in. Find this Pin and more on Vietnam- medics by Stephanie Smith. Vietnam War Pins picked just for you - - Ashe County Schools Mail Vietnam War - 1st Infantry Division Medic treating a wounded soldier.

See more. from Haunting, Rarely Seen Images from the. Beloved by their fellow grunts, corpsmen and medics are the first responders for Marines and soldiers wounded on the battlefield.

Here are the first-hand accounts of three decorated “Docs” who provided life-saving aid in Vietnam. Medical Support of the U.S. Army in Vietnam, Major General Spurgeon Neel. To download as PDF click here: For availability and more information click here. Some users may encounter difficulties opening these files from the server.

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Vietnam medics
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